Identity Kit

Early 2015 is a marketing optimization & management platform that allows marketers and their teams to directly attribute online marketing activities to specific business goals, such as getting people to watch a video or click a “Purchase” button. When I joined they had just finished a proof of concept build and they were ready to start bringing the concept to market.

While Director of User Experience on the early product team, it was my role to define the look, feel, and mechanics of the UX while managing a team of front end developers and designers to see through execution. The product was built in parallel paths: development focused on building out the bare bones and functionality of the core offering, while myself, our VP of Marketing and a small creative team including a contract CD and our Jr. Designer to re-envision the platform for it's go to market 2.0 build. My role was to coordinate across the marketing and brand effort to apply the brand look and feel to the product wireframes while also contributing to the brand identity guidelines.

Creative Team:
Lisa Ito - Jr. Designer
Alexander Parker - Creative Director (Contract)
Caleb Bushner - VP of Marketing,

UI Sample

A user is able to create a project and set goals to share with their team.


Assorted UI elements, including error and pass states for user feedback.




Branding & Identity


When I joined the organization, we had a very generic name tht made it tough to bring our product to market. We worked with naming agency 100 Monkeys to ensure we were putting our best foot forward for our launch.

Brand Elements



Brand Identity Elements


UI Color Exploration with Brand Guidelines

Early Iteration

Early Iteration

Applying Brand Colors

Applying Brand Colors

Final UI Screen

Final UI Screen